Smart Ideas to Grow Your Audience on YouTube

Social media is buzzing with the rise of new media apps like TikTok, but the king of them is still YouTube. More than 2 billion people across the globe visit the site every month. However, you must understand how to market your channel on the platform if you wish to use its full potential. One of the most important aspects of creating a successful channel on the platform is by encouraging the viewers to subscribe to your channels and get regular notifications of your uploads. The following are smart ideas you must use to grow your viewers on YouTube.… Read more “Smart Ideas to Grow Your Audience on YouTube”

How to Use Instagram Filters to Improve Your Photos

Want to know how to use Instagram filters? Look no further. You’re on a mission to make your social media images seem better. On Instagram, have you seen photographs of individuals who seem like a dog has attacked them? Have you seen the Harry Potter trivia game? Indeed, you’ve seen Instagram’s Filters in action before. Please keep reading to find out how to utilize Instagram filters in your stories and where to locate them. What is an Instagram filter? Using augmented (AR) effects, Instagram filters are face filters that you may apply to your images and videos. Add dog ears, hearts, or other fun products to your Instagram photos instead of simply posting a selfie.… Read more “How to Use Instagram Filters to Improve Your Photos”

How do you make a food blog on Instagram?

Unlike before, Instagram has now become the hub for online content and online communication. What started initially as just a means for people to connect through the use of images, videos, and captions, etc. has now evolved into something much more detailed, versatile, and naturally interesting. Instagram is now used as a platform for conducting and promoting online businesses as well. This can be possible in a variety of ways, most of which can be seen by accessing the following link: Apart from this, many users have made their unique blogs on the platform as a means to get famous and also to promote different businesses in the process as well. For instance, there are many food bloggers… Read more “How do you make a food blog on Instagram?”

Unforgettable Flavors for Your Next Best Bubble Tea

There are high chances that you might have consumed bubble tea in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. With the advent of new trends, the trend of a relatively new product, the Bubble Tea is also making a lot of heads turn. Bubble Tea most commonly known as Bobba Tea is one form of tea that is now in fashion. A lot of people are experimenting with it and trying its different types and flavors. There are many different Bubble Tea flavors available out there in the market today. The best flavors are completely dependent on your own taste. For some people, one flavor might be very interesting while other people prefer other flavors. However, we will discuss some of… Read more “Unforgettable Flavors for Your Next Best Bubble Tea”

Where are Kamikoto knives made?

As a chef, you can agree that there are lots of culinary tools out there that are simply amazing. The precision and perfection that characterize some of the kitchenware and other related equipment highly depend on different factors. One of these is where they are made, and Kamikoto knives is a classic example of items whose quality goes hand in hand with specific global regions. In fact, the number of Kamikoto reviews associating Japan with the top-quality kitchen cutlery is proof that if you consider yourself an ideal foodie, Japan is your way to go. Japanese legacy Japan has held a long history of making the best of your kitchen cutlery with knives being at the top of the list.… Read more “Where are Kamikoto knives made?”

Which Caviar Is the Best?

Caviar is the processed fish egg that you can enjoy in your luxurious meal. This dish is considered as a premium product because it has special taste and flavor. There are several types of caviar that are available worldwide. You have to compare some popular caviar types before you choose the best premium caviar for yourself. When you want to buy the best caviar in the world, you should take a look at this article. We are going to recommend some of the best caviar products for you. These products are popular for their incredible taste. 1. Sasanian Osetra Caviar If you are looking for a true caviar that is made from sturgeon fish, you should look at this product.… Read more “Which Caviar Is the Best?”


With “pita bread” I always think of that blue Monday that I worked in a bake-off bread factory in Tilburg. What you don’t do as a student to make ends meet Om het tempo van de voorbijschuivende pita’s bij te houden, moest je er 4 of 5 flink beetpakken in één hand. Dat lukte mij niet. Toen ik naar mijn buurvrouw keek, zag ik dat zij haar duim stevig in het bovenste pitabroodje gegraven had om het voor elkaar te krijgen. Die afdruk bleef ook duidelijk zichtbaar toen ze losliet. Dat kon ik gewoon niet. Dat moest nog gegeten worden! Abusing pita’s? For a few more hours I gave myself the opportunity to come up with my own working technique,… Read more “PITA BREAD”